We work with clients and partners to develop strategic research and innovation programmes and secure funding. Whether they fulfill our own strategic advancements and offerings or support our clients medium-term strategic goals we work in partnership using our networks to deliver on ambitious objectives

The NHS is facing a 30 billion £ funding shortfall by 2020 if it fails to make savings ( yet has underutilised data assets that could easily exceed this value. We propose to develop a solution based on block chain technologies that will unlock this value in a flexible way using a secure, resilient and trusted infrastructure. The project will develop a prototype architecture in which healthcare data is exchanged and brokered on-behalf of individuals with their explicit consent. It will offer organisations a competitive edge by giving their beneficiaries new ways to share data enhancing trust in those organisations. It will create a data sharing culture disintermediating current practices where healthcare data remains in silos. The outcomes of the project will be the framework made available to the NHS, individuals and private sector corporations.
We seek to increase the efficiency and robustness of online identities through the secure and controlled reuse of identity establishing evidence. The motivation is the inability of individuals to access, bring together and present to a 3rd party disparate sources of identity evidence.
P2P Blockchain based Transactions to protect against AML and KYP.
Security and Privacy for IoT, User centric design and workflows
Our objective is to explore the risk and security issues arising from the potentially pernicious use of big data, analytics and social media to undermine the current framework of international rules-based systems, e.g. 'false news', 'false facts'. Fake news, .integrity of information and integrity of media sources can undermine evidence based decision making and therebye destroy confidence in the organs of government. Ultimately this may threaten political stability and cause civil unrest. This can be utilised to drive political advantage often of hostile foreign and/or state actors – which ultimately results in the rule of law being compromised for their own ends. Clearly we cannot limit the free dissemination of opinions and ideas. Rather what we would seek to do is to enable a differentiation to be made between unsubstantiated claims and evidence based assertions together with the assertions' provenance. The spread of populist propaganda with little basis in fact and reality can take hold and lead to radicalisation which is an opportunity for individuals with a desire to hold that political power to fill the vacuum.