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Assentian is an independent information security and governance specialist, with a unique approach to providing holisic security management solutions. We work with clients across both the public and private sectors to implement best practice security policies, processes and procedures and understand security threats in order to address security risk. We enhance this with the development of good governance throughout our clients organisations to deliver long-term resilience.

Assentian is a small consultancy operating in EMEA and the US. Over the years we have successfully grown the company organically and today have a highly specialist team of delivery and support staff..

We pride ourselves on putting our customers first and believe in delivering consultancy in partnership with you not delivering consultancy 'at' you. Our collaborative approach is both consultative and facilitative and each solution is bespoke to your business needs and drivers. We mentor you through the processes so that you can continue to maintain effective security practices as your business changes.

We believe in building long term partnerships with customers based on trust by working in an open and ethical way. In addition, our advice is completely vendor independent and unbiased.


Mr Jonathan Gay

Mr Jonathan Gay is a Certified Information Security Auditor (CISA) and the co-founder of Diginus Ltd focussing on the delivery of e-security solutions with a pragmatic approach to secure applications, especially underpinned by digital certificate (or PKI) technology. He has led the implementaion of large scale standards based security solutions in both the private and public sectors including organisations like The Royal Mail. He has also led large collaborative R&D projects in Identity Management. Jonathan has a deep technical understanding of complex distributed systems

Dr Ilesh Dattani

Dr Ilesh Dattani is a member of the International Standards Organisation committee on Security, Resiliance and Governance covering standards on Information Security and Business Continuity. He is a Certified ISO 27001 Implementor and Auditor and has been implementing standards based security solutions for over 10 years. He is a R&D Project Reviewer in the areas of Cyber Security, protection of Critical Infrastructure and Privacy for Innovate UK, Nesta and the EU. He has specific sector experience in Transport, Financial Services, Fintech, Education and Energy. For the last 2 years he has been working on the use of Blockchain to enhance security and privacy in transaction based systems.


Innovation in Application: Working with our clients and partners to develop and deliver leading edge solutions innovating to deliver for the future - Blockchain, Cyber Security, Privacy, Internet of Things


Helping our clients to understand their cyber risks and guiding them through the process of minimising risk


Building Innovation Roadmaps for our clients and partners giving them a competitive edge in the marketplace

Excellence in Delivery

Innovation in Information Security, Privacy and Governance

A bit of our History

2008 - Our first european funded project on Security and Resilience

2009 - Did early Information Security Compliance work in FinTech

2012 - Did leading edge work on Identity Manangement and Security in Critical Infrstructure

2015 - Came together to Launch Assentian Partners


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