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We provide an ongoing technology watch service customised to specific business sectors and/or operational requirements. This is supported by technology offerings via our networks and partnerships.

We continuously look to partner and collaborate with innovaters working on new technologies for emerging and future threats. Such Partnerships have resulted in some of the technologies that we are now able to offer to service some of the new requirements and threats.

Frugality drives Innovation ....

"One of the only ways to get out of a tight box is to invent your way out".. James Bezos

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Information Security Compliance Toolkit providing a framework to document all your compliance procedures and controls, to maintain consistency accross policies and management processes. Changes at one level propogate through all management system procedures - Provided stand-alone and/or with support/consultancy

Ascema is the next generation data loss prevention (DLP) solution that also provides an Information Management solution to meet enterprise audit and compliance needs but without the headache of setting up rules and policies associated with traditional DLP. Ascema protects, detects, remediates and reports on the movement of high value content; unlike traditional DLP that works on just partial fingerprinting or keywords and phrases. Ascema still offers all the traditional stuff but without the complexity of setup and deployment and our unique machine learning algorithms mean the system learns what is important and what is not important without the chore of having to add new policies e.g. for boilerplate. Ascema’s modular approach means you can tailor the solution specifically to meet your enterprise needs. In addition to our core content fingerprinting, indexing and matching capability, modules include the ability to detect content exported from databases, protect and monitor incoming customer data, automatically classify documents and our unique secret search capability means we can even detect your high value information across your supply chain’s systems with assurance to both parties.

Prosa Security uses models, methods and software originally developed at the University of Oslo and the Norwegian Computing Center. Our new modeling and analysis tool is based on over a decade of research – we believe it will revolutionize how IT security professionals work and enable substantial improvements in the quality of critical software.

PROSA (PROtocol Specification and Analysis) relies on a unique "term rewriting" modeling and analysis system to identify issues and possible attacks. The proof of concept software has been successfully used in several leading financial companies.

The Prosa process consists of software system modeling and automated establishment of security requirements, as well as an analysis of risks and possible threats.


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