Sensitive Data Discovery and Classification

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CipherTrust Data Discovery and Classification helps your organization get complete visibility into your sensitive data with efficient data discovery, classification, and risk analysis across heterogeneous data stores - the cloud, big data, and traditional environments - in your enterprise.

Simple to deploy and use, it provides you with a single pane of glass that allows you to get a clear understanding of what sensitive data you have, where it’s located, and its risks of exposure. With rich visualizations and detailed reports, you can more easily uncover and close your gaps, make better decisions about third-party data sharing and cloud migration, and proactively respond to data privacy and security regulations like GDPR, CCPA, PCI DSS and HIPAA.


  •  Effective solution for enterprise-wide data privacy
  • CipherTrust Data Discovery and Classification efficiently identifies structured as well as unstructured sensitive data on-premises and in the cloud. Supporting both agentless and agent-based deployment models, the solution provides built-in templates that enable rapid identification of regulated data, highlight security risks, and help you uncover compliance gaps. A streamlined workflow exposes security blind spots and reduces remediation time. The detailed reporting supports compliance programs and facilitates executive communication.

  • Complete visibility and control
  • A centralized console with rich visualizations and detailed reports offers a clear view of sensitive data and its risks. This makes it easy for your organization to uncover and close privacy gaps, prioritize remediation, and make informed decisions about third-party data sharing and privacy concerns before a digital transformation implementation. 

  • Accelerated path to compliance
  • The crucial first step in compliance is to understand what constitutes sensitive data, where and how it is stored, and who can access it. Efficient scans enable you to build a strong foundation for your overall data privacy and security. Detailed reports and visualized charts help your compliance teams demonstrate compliance to auditors and regulators. 

  • Single pane of glass from discovery to remediation
  • CipherTrust Data Discovery and Classification is integrated with the Thales Next Generation KeySecure, which enables your IT organization to manage your data privacy and security with centralized management. Now, from a single pane of glass your organization can set policies, discover data that adheres or violates those policies, classify data, rank risks and apply remediation.


  •  Supports both agentless and agent-based deployment
  • CipherTrust Data Discovery and Classification is available in agent-based as well as agentless deployment modes. This allows your security and IT teams to ideally mix and match agent-based and agentless solutions for optimal results, while reducing the total cost of ownership.

  •  One solution for enterprise-wide structured as well as unstructured data
  • No need to go to different vendors for disjointed solutions. CipherTrust Data Discovery and Classification can efficiently locate most types of data across file servers, databases, cloud applications and storage, big data environments, and traditional databases.

  • Built-in templates for various regulations like GDPR, CCPA, etc. 
  • Built-in templates help you get a quick start by allowing you to rapidly discover and classify your regulated data. You can also create your own templates based on your unique requirements.


  •  Data Stores
  •  -Local storage and local memory on the host
     -Network storages
     -Windows Share (CIS/SMB)
     -Unix File System (NFS)

  • Databases
  • -IBM DB2

  • Big Data
  • -Hadoop Clusters

  • Type of files supported
  • -Databases: Access, DBase, SQLite, MSSQL MDF & LDF
    -Images: BMP, FAX, GIF, JPG, PDF (embedded), PNG, TIF
    -Compressed: bzip2, Gzip (all types), TAR, Zip (all types)
    -Microsoft Backup Archive: Microsoft Binary / BKF
    -Microsoft Office : v5, 6, 95, 97, 2000, XP, 2003 onwards
    -Open Source: Star Office / Open Office
    -Open Standards: PDF, HTML, CSV, TXT

  • Type of data identified
  • -Health (Australian Medicare Card, European EHIC, US Health Insurance Claim number, etc.)
    -Financial (American Express, Diners Club, Mastercard, VISA card numbers, bank account number, etc.)
    -Personal (name, last name, address, DOB, email, etc.)
    -National ID (social security number, Spanish DNI, etc.)

  • Pre-built templates
  • The solution includes a wide range of ready-to-use templates that can help you meet common regulatory and business policy needs. For example:


  • Server Requirements  
  •  -16GB minimum RAM
     -1GB minimum network interface connectivity